Picture this, a pretty lass with a lovely voice who can dance too.Sounds like your typical female pop star right? Nope, you’re wrong, because this particular female singer has the ability to mix urban sound with a slight touch vernacular.

She is LYKAROSE. Having sang for crowds and gatherings since she was a child, Roseline Boro aka Lyka has confidence and song writing ability that not many can match!

Ever since Lykarose started singing in church and school from the age of 7 years old, she knew that Music is what she was destined to do. And this is what drove her to try out for the Kaka Empire auditions that were held in 2018.

The minute the Kaka Empire management team saw her perform, they knew she was something special. Consequently she was signed to the management and record label in January 2019.

Having hailed from Limuru, the 20 year old Business and Economics student in Maritime Management is determined to make a name for herself as one of Kenya’s top acts.

Lykarose’s style of music is described as afro folk, she writes her own music and she incorporates Kikuyu in most of the pieces that she composes, thus the name folk.

In just under three months working with Kaka Empire Management and Label, Lykarose has recorded a number of songs and videos. Follow all of Lykarose’s official social media pages for some exciting releases for this promising act.

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