Man jailed for throwing cop’s phone into Nairobi river

A hand cart puller has been jailed for six months after pleading guilty to snatching a mobile phone belonging to a police officer and throwing it into Nairobi river.

Mohamed Ali Hassan, 32, was said to have snatched a mobile phone valued at Sh15,000 belonging to Richard attached to Kariokor Chief’s camp on March 23.

The court heard that the Administration Police officer was making a call along Race Course road when the accused inched closer, snatched his phone and fled.

The officer gave him a chase but the accused was too fast for him. He had to mobilise motorbike riders to help him trace the accused who is said to have stopped along Nairobi River and dropped the phone in the fetid waters.

He was then arrested but the phone could not be traced in what was said as a trick to conceal evidence.

After pleading to the charges, the magistrate ruled thus: “It is sad that one cannot confidently communicate with their phone without worrying it will be stolen. I therefore sentence you to six months imprisonment to remove one thief from the streets.”

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