Meet Kenya's newest female dancehall artist, Oga Madam on new song "Queen Kong"

It's time enough we embraced more of these female Kenyan acts more so the few ones who are making it against all the odds that come along with being a female artist in Kenya.

On my early morning Facebook routines and I come across this female dance hall artist Oga Madam who is by far my favourite dancehall sensation after Jamaica's Spice.


We only heard and seen King Kong's but for a moment let's pull of our hats for the first queen kong with an arrogant and confident attitude all through the video cast of her new music video.

Let's get a clear glimpse on some dos and don'ts of the music video


Believe me or not nudity sells in this century more than a triller movie so yea she just got it well done with no moderation. It is ok to say she needed this to pull out the real message in the whole song and that is earning her even more mileage towards team mafisi.

Audio quality, lyrical prowess and delivery on the track would definitely receive a 9/10 from us

Pull Up Your Socks

Ever seen a neatly dressed lady with ragged hair style? That is what happens when you incorporate a dance crew in a music video then you end up outshining all of them because they could not match your energy hence making a viewer wanting to crop them out while watching their scenes in the video.

To the video director, a good and splendid job you did but don't you think by adding a Steven Price, Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to the intro of the video is already causing more than enough harm to the artist? No revenue for a lifetime and yes several copyright strikes on the video.

Watch video below

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