Nigerian star Ozbeazy confesses his undying love for Vanessa Mdee

Juma Jux will not be happy about this. At all.

Nigerian star Ozbeazy has declared his love for Tanzania songbird Vanessa Mdee. This comes after it emerged that Jux and Vanessa are headed for splits-ville.

Besides just thirsting for her, Ozbeazy said:

    ”She has a really dope vocal cords and a dope sound and i just think our sounds will definitely merge well together.”

Having made music for over 9 years, Ozbeazy’s star has been on a steady rise racking up rave reviews on the competitive Naija space.

Commonly compared to Burna boy for his captivating vocals and party anthem Ozbeazy has cut a niche for himself in the African scene.

His club bangers include; No Food, Skoochies ft Sheva and Mich and Party with Nija heavy weight Falz; which is possibly his biggest hit yet.

He said that people compare him with Burna boy “Because he probably came out before me and due to the texture of my voice  but I believe the more you hear my music the more you can differentiate and get the distinctive elements that make me Ozbeazy.”

    Adding, “But that being said, I’m not in any competition with no one, there’s enough space in the industry for us all. I think Burna Boy is dope still.”

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The UK born artiste has dreams of going international like Wizkid and Davido.

Conquering Nigeria was hard but he admits the real struggle is becoming a Pan-African artiste.

    His advice to Kenyan artistes was to “do more collabs with Nigerian artist and use English so more people can understand what you are singing about.”

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