Nipsey Hussle's Grandma is Praying for His Killer, Hopes He Isn't Killed in Jail

Nipsey Hussle's grandmother, 88-year-old Margaret Boutte, spoke publicly for the first time about her grandson's tragic death and she also addressed the man suspected of killing Nipsey.

Boutte told CBS 2, "I never knew there was so much love like I love him. So that’s uplifting that so many people loved and understood him." She added, "I hope these young people will get the message and live a better life – live a better life."

Boutte helped raise Nipsey, born Ermias Asghedom, and she revealed that Nipsey's brother, Samiel, got the call about Nipsey being shot while Samiel was at her home. She explained, "He got the call and he ran out of here so fast. He never did that in the morning. Right away, I called his mother. I said ‘Angel, something must have happened.’ I said ‘Samiel jumped up, he didn’t take his shower, he got out of here so fast." She added, "Sammy got up there soon enough to start helping his brother. Erias knew Sammy was there before he died."

At the end of the interview, Boutte addressed Eric Holder, the man suspected of killing Nipsey. She stated, "I’m praying for him too. I hope he does not get killed in custody. Have enough time to ask God for forgiveness. I’m Catholic, I do believe in prayer and I’m praying for him. He was a young, ignorant situation and I’m hoping he’s sorry for what he did." 

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