Rapper Octopizzo steals flows and lyrics from yet another artist

Barely and hour after the release of the new trap anthem 'Zikishika' by Octopizzo and an uprising rapper already has his neck.

Released on YouTube yesterday, the track is fast rising to the top of the charts and the reception has been positive.


The buddng rapper has posted screenshots of his conversation with another person on WhatsApp conversing on how  Octopizzo had already stolen his lyrics and used it to release a song 'Zikishika'

On Facebook the rapper who goes by the name Lang Katalang has shown his distress and disappointment in the namba nane rapper for doing such an act.

He was shocked yesterday when he watched a music video with his own lyrics and flow and yes i know this is unbelievable but how can you use a whole line from a fellow artist and fail to give credits?
Lan'g Katalan'g K'Lang

We are yet to get to hear Octo's side of the story but until then why don't we have a listen to the two songs and find out a little truth out of the big question for ourselves before Wuod Nyaboro gets to call a press conference over this


OCTOPIZZO - Zikishika

Editors Verdict

Dear up and coming Kenyan artist,

We know it is hard being in an industry where nobody wants to care about what you consume or what you emit unless you do it better than everyone so just do you and remember that nobody owes you nothing.

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