Ringtone explains why he attacked his counterparts

Ringtone Apoko is not mad as people presume and he need not go to rehab.

Ringtone has revealed how bitter he is to see people dragging him on dirt for trying to ‘save’ the gospel industry.

This week, Ringtone blasted his counterpart Mr. Seed for inviting Willy Paul to his Made in Huruma concert.

The agitated ‘attention seeker’ pinned Mr. Seed to the wall by claiming how he helped him with clothes that he used in shooting his song featuring Solomon Mkubwa.

Willy Paul on the other side has remained numb on the issue and keep doing his work in a secular way.

His controversial song Hallelujah has hit two million views on Youtube and he is sending sarcastic message to the ‘panicked’ musicians.

Ringtone brags of how many hits he has produced and that attacking other musicians is nothing to do with their success but trying to bring ‘sanity’ in the gospel industry.

I have produced many beats, a lot of great songs. I have my house in Runda and property in Karen. I drive the biggest cars, so am not bitter. I am speaking to you with pride that Jesus loves you.

Maybe Ringtone is not mad after all.

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