Rose Muhando Begs to Be Accepted Back to Gospel Music

In a touching message to her fans, controversial gospel musician Rose Muhando has apologized for her crazy antics the past couple of months, and is now begging her fans, and all the influential voices in the Gospel industry to accept her back!

In a touching video she posted in her Youtube channel, the former Gospel mogul admitted that she had veered off the road to righteousness, but now, she was ready to become of a beacon of hope once more.

“When I was not okay, I only felt the silence. Please forgive me for any mistakes I made. Humbly, I say you are my fathers.” she said.

In the past few years, the former titan of Gospel music has been absent from church, and a series of controversies have been plaguing her.

“I knew  God through you and I have been through pain and difficulty”the Nibariki singer confessed.

And despite many influential men of God coming forth and attempting to restore her faith, she shunned their beckonings and retreated to the confines of her mind.

Nevertheless, Muhando has confessed that she’s been through a tumultous time in the pitch blackness of life without salvation, and now, she wants to be accepted back to the church.

This comes after the damning video that showed Rose Muhando’s being exorcised by Pastor Ng’anga, which led the media into a frenzy.

As for now, the songstress is looking to turn a new leaf and spread the Word via her music once more!

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