Sitambui illuminati: Fast-rising singer Mariej drops ‘Chorea’

Fast-rising Kenyan singer Mariej has dropped a new single titled ‘Chorea.’

In the new track, the singer, real name Marie Njoroge seeks to establish her belief in God while pointing out that she does not recognize the rumoured secret cult, the illuminati.

“Najua Mungu si Illuminati, sijali kero za watiaji,” she sings in the hook.

Mariej, who started her musical journey in September 2018 by releasing I’m Ok is currently working on her fourth project titled Me Nae.

Speaking to Amazing Kenyans, Mariej, who's also a mother opened up on juggling between being a mother and her singing career.

“I love what am doing and having a busy lifestyle is exactly how I like it. Being a mother doesn’t hinder me from pursuing music but the opposite; it motivates me to be even better.”

She also has another single titled Giogode under her belt.

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