Takataka hit gains more popularity after ban by Ezekiel Mutua

“Taka taka taka taka, mapepo yanakufuata” this sounds familiar? Yes, this song was banned on Monday.

The Kenya Film and Classification board (KFCB) boss Ezekiel Mutua said that the song is ‘inciting’ men to indulge in violence against women.

The board added that anyone who will be found playing either in the media or public places will be charged.

But why ban the song three months later after its release?

From the perspective of netizens, the recent murder of Moi University student because of allegedly rejecting money from a man and other incidents of deaths through love has brought about the ban of the song.

If you are wondering what the song is all about, then here is a scoop before it is pulled down from Youtube.

Before the ban, the song had 1 million and 35 thousand views on Youtube but for now, it is 1 million and 96 thousand.

The moral police is trying to kill talents or is it promoting it in disguise?

Other Kenyans argued that KFCB boss Ezekiel Mutua is a ‘socialite’ and even calls a press conference just to ban one song.

The rise of street anthems has become a challenge to the film classification board because of the songs do not require main stream media to get them played.

So the Taka taka ban has made the song more popular? Here are some comments from Youtube.

Joseph Walong: Exekiel you brought me here…😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂I have never heard of this song

Johnson Rotich: Ati wame ban hii ngoma leo…, wacha niskie niskie bado

Keneth M.John: We’re here just because of the ban. I always go against what Ezekiel Mutua advocates for..

Cathy Maina: 1M views Ezekiel Mutua making people famous

With the ban, the producer KRG the Don has remained adamant and promised to released its video before the end of the week.

Some have called the KFCB boss a promoter and not a controller of moral in music.

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