Talent Brings Young Kenyan Creatives Together To Tell Authentic Kenyan Stories

Lawlife Films is a young production company based in Nairobi Kenya. It consists of five young  creatives whose goal is to tell authentic Kenyan stories to the world. October last year we did our first short film 'BENEVOLENT' that was shot on phone for the Smartphone Film Competition at Alliance Franchise. Its a silent 4 minutes long film with no dialogue.

The film was directed by  Lawlife Brothers who are Tevin  Kimathi and Francis  Ouma to which was their directing debut. Benevolent is a story if two strangers both in unfortunate situation but in their unfortunate situation, one finds a way to come through for the other. We never made it to the nominations for the competition.

We then submitted it to a number of festivals here and there to try our luck. Weeks later we received an email notifying us that we have been nominated for the Branson International Film Festival 2019 in the best teaser category. It's actually the only African nominated film in the entire Festival.  We honestly couldn't believe it at first but we thank God for it.

 The festival will be happening on the 4th to 7th of April 2019 at Branson, United States. Our film will be screening at the White House theatre on the 6th of April.

Below is the link to the film that is on YouTube

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