Victor Wanyama to treat Tanzania's Pierre with a fully paid trip to England

Kenyan footballer Victor Wanyama has offered to treat Tanzanian funny man Pierre Liquid to a fully paid trip to England.

In a video that has since gone viral, the two spoke when Pierre visited Tanzanian singer Ommy Dimpoz at his house.

"Pierreeee Yuleee LONDON Atiiiii Niniiiii?Ni Mbayaaa Asante @victorwanyama Hatariiiii Fayaaaa Chiiiiii @pierelikwidi #YouAreTheBest,” wrote Dimpoz

An elated Pierre could not believe his eyes when Wanyama said that he wanted him in England. In the video, Ommy Dimpoz will work on getting the funny man a travel Visa to England.

Pierre rose to fame when someone shared a video of him enjoying beer at a local bar in Tanzania and singing to hit songs before people started creating memes and sharing videos of him across social platforms.

From there Pierre became an instant internet sensation and this has seen him receive a number of endorsements from top companies in Tanzania. A side from that, Pierre went for media tours in Tanzania as well as Kenya where he came for several club appearances.

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