VIDEO: Willy Paul walks Nandy on Red Carpet during album launch

Gospel Artist Willy Paul walked Nandy on the Red carpet last night during her album launch which went down in Golden Ice Bistro Nairobi.


The two have have for a long time been rumored as lovers stepped in the venue holding hands and this triggered alot of reactions and more suspense for their fans.

Nandy who was releasing her album says that Willy Paul tagged along with her because he is her best friend.

Willy Paul also commented on why they walked in together saying that Nandy is a very good friend to him.

In regard to her album launch, Willy Paul says Nandy’s move was a good thing and he was indeed happy for her and wishes her more achievements in her music career.

Speaking to one of the Tanzanian media, Willy Paul also added that the album launch by Nandy will also serve as an inspiration to other female artists that they have the power to do it too.

Willy Paul also explained his chemistry with Nandy stating that they met and they got to understand each other.

On whether fans should expect more hits after ‘Njiwa’ and ‘Hallelujah’. Nandy says that there is a possibility of them working on other projects together.

With the striking chemistry between them is Willy Paul ready to marry Nandy incase they fall in love?

Willy Paul was reluctant to respond to this question saying that he had no comment.

He also went further to note that his relationship with Nandy is just like that of a brother and sister.

The two challenge each other in their music career and Nandy added that they are never afraid to give honest opinion about their songs; even if it means saying that it is bad.

What are your thoughts on Nandy’s relationship with Willy Paul?

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