Waiguru’s husband advises Kenyan man against jealousy with a personal experience

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru’s husband and city lawyer Kamotho Waiganjo has advised Kenyan men on the perils of jealousy that are increasingly leading to domestic fights among couples.

Waiganjo used a personal experience to demonstrate how jealousy and insecurity leads men to make erroneous conclusions that ultimately destroy their marriages.

He narrated how a man had called him accusing Waiganjo of having an affair with his wife on account of money sent to the woman via mobile money platform Mpesa.

On inquiring, Waiganjo said he was surprised to learn that the said woman was his daughter’s hair dresser hence the regular payments.

“Kenyan men and their issues...so I get this call from an agitated husband telling me to leave his wife alone. Who’s this nut I wonder? His evidence? He’s gone through her phone and I send mpesa to her regularly.”

“Of course I say that’s nonsense then out of curiosity I ask for her number ..,turns out she’s my two daughter’s Kenyatta Mkt hairdresser so of course I mpesa her regularly .....embarrassed Hubble, profuse apologies, one marriage saved....HELP!” Waiganjo said.

The first gentleman of Kirinyaga joked that he would consider giving his daughters cash to make such payments to avoid problems in the future.

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