YNW Melly Hires Lawyer From Boosie's Murder Trial

As he awaits trial after pleading not guilty to the murders of two of his associates, YNW Melly has reportedly hired the attorney that represented Boosie during his 2011 murder case. Jason Roger Williams is the Lousiana lawyer who got Boosie acquitted on first-degree murder charges after he was facing lethal injection on Death Row, and together with his team he's hopeful that YNW Melly's trial will end in the same result.

"I feel very confident," Williams recently told XXL, "We have a very strong team with Brad Cohen and Nicole Burdett and myself and we feel really good about it. This is a process, and we're hoping that it's a fair process and all the evidence comes out."

Meanwhile, legal documents show that a Broward County judge signed the approval for Williams to represent the Florida artist earlier this week, though he's still being held without bond after pleading not guilty on both counts of first-degree murder. Furthermore, at the moment there's not any scheduled date for the start of his upcoming trial.

Source: xxlmag.com

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