Comedian Njugush under fire over his ‘State of the Nation’ post

While most Kenyan entertainers, sportsmen and influencers shy away from weighing in on matters politics and governance for fear of hurting their brands, comedian Njugush has waded into the deep end.

A tweet by Njugush early today, May 12, opened a can of worms after he suggested that Kenyans do not care on matters corruption and are reluctant to demand answers on how their taxes are being spent.

“We aren't mad enough...neither do we really care when they are eating, hoarding loads of cash to (release to bootlickers), being overtaxed while deep down you know it will end up in peoples cashboxes at their homes... we don't mind really.....we also forget too quickly actually,” posted Njugush.

The post was accompanied by an old photo of Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen having a meal while in the company of two individuals.

Some Kenyans who are used to Njugush's witty persona were taken aback by the 'woke' post and blasted the comedian for, what they said was, ‘overstepping.’

A Twitter user by the name Last Born responded that Njugush should be outrightly neutral, “In my own opinion I think you should be neutral when it comes to politics due to the nature of your career."

While Arita Mageto tweeted that the comedian was losing his grit.

“Hii direction unaelekea naona in future utawacha kukua Njugush (mcheshi) ukue Njuguna (mjumbe).”

“Hii kizungu c yako.. Ata handwriting imekataa... Umecopy wapi??” Added Morris Gacheru.

Njugush was, however, lauded by others who supported his move.

“The only comedian who stands against social injustices keep it up,” posted Ngaati Sukalini.

“I don't know if guys realized Njugush was not invited by DP when other online content creators were hosted. Kenyans are like those two men behind Murkomen. They allow to be openly oppressed. Congrats Njugush for speaking out,” M’Thaara pointed out.

Emmanuel Kipkirui noted, “Never seen a celebrity or a comedian to say so who fights for the rights of the citizens leave alone those selfish ***. Good work Njugush keep it blessed.”

“If only everyone that considers themselves influential (including the media) took a stern stand against social injustices by the government like @BlessedNjugush then methinks we'd be somewhere. But instead, most turn a blind eye and even run campaigns for them. But what do I know,” stated Christine Ngugi.

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