Controversial socialite Vanessa Chettle out of rehab

Ever wondered what happened to controversial model cum exotic dancer Vanessa Chettle?

Well, the larger than life socialite who grabbed headlines with her glamorous partying lifestyle including a stint in Nairobi Diaries was in rehab.

Chettle revealed on Instagram that she checked in after her kin raised concerns with her marijuana and alcohol consumption.

“I did it to prove to my folks I ain’t addicted and wouldn’t go mad or have a bad psychological trip/withdrawal reaction if I stayed away from both. Point made. Everyone is happy and proud so am I. Still gon blaze though. The best part was clearing my body, mind etc. My last night at rehab was lit. Can't wait to go home and see my baby,” she wrote.

The baby she is talking about in the above post is her daughter Anna.

In 2018, she disclosed that she was raising Anna singlehandedly.

“I met him (baby dady) in Eldoret last year and after three months, I got pregnant. When I broke the news, he started behaving weird and we broke up. He has not helped me financially or emotionally. We have never talked.”

This is not the first time the socialite has swerved out of the limelight in a flash.

When the Nairobian caught up with her a year ago, Chettle revealed that she had ditched her glamorous life for the jembe in Kericho County.

“I have been farming for the past 18 months in Kericho. I have three acres of land which I was given by my dad. Currently, I am doing mixed farming - I grow maize and peas. I also keep cows, goats, chicken, and pigs. I decided to stop and take a break. I realised being a hostess and socialite was not what I want to do with my life,” she told Heads Up.

A year before taking up farming, she made a disappearing act again before making a grand entry on social media posing outside a police station with the caption “FREEEEEDOOOOOOOMM.”

A post interpreted by many to be Chettle’s revelation that she was in prison.

It was, however, not clear whether it was an innocent post or she was imprisoned courtesy of a fight on set during the shooting Nairobi Diaries. A fight reminiscent of her scuffle with Prezzo’s now ex-girlfriend Michelle Yola.

She later took down the post.

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