CS Magoha tells off new curriculum critics, says implementation unstoppable

Education Cabinet Secretary Prof. George Magoha on Wednesday told off those opposing the implementation of the new Competency Based Curriculum (CBC), asserting that the government will not be deterred by critics.

Speaking on Wednesday during the unveiling of the new curriculum policy, Prof. Magoha said instead of calling for a recall of the implementation of the new curriculum, the critics should be offering solutions.

“If you give birth to a premature child do you say let the child go back to the womb? You take the child to the incubator and the child grows big and becomes the president of Kenya. Stop this nonsense,” said Magoha.

“If you have something better why don’t you tell us what it is, or shut up. The God of the poor shall deliver this curriculum to Kenyans. Irrespective of a few ill guided people who want to take it away from Kenyans.”

To ensure that the new curriculum succeeds, he said he will personally inspect its implementation by going to schools across the country.

“There is a cartoon that someone showed me as a buffalo. It was a good cartoon and that’s what I will do. I will go to schools to get my own reports. I won’t wait for my officers. We shall use electronic and print media and culminate to a national conference on education in August to allow us time review how it has been succeeding,” said Prof. Magoha.

The new curriculum policy launched on Wednesday details goals and strategies of achieving competency based training at all levels of education.

It lays grounds for development of strategies that nurture creativity and innovation, identify and nurture talents of learners early. To do so, the curriculum will require close supervision of teachers and learners with technology highlighted as a key driver for innovation.

The policy seeks to institutionalize formative assessment meaning both formal and informal means of assessing learners progress. The assessment will emphasize on continuous assessment to identify challenges faced by learners in mastering key skills to prepare them for the labour market.

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