Diamond finally responds to the rumors he stole a song from KingTeedee

Diamond Platnumz is back to trending all day every day.

After the long holidays, Diamond has been the talk of town. From a stolen song to the drama with his baby mama, Zari.


Their back and forth has revealed their dirty linen in public. Diamond claims Zari cheated on him with her gym trainer that he pays for and Zari called out Diamond as a dead beat father.

Now back to Diamond stealing a song. So one King Teedee is said to be the original owner of the song, One I love. A song that has scooped Diamond almost 3 million views, 7 days after its release.

So just after he dropped the song, there was so much love coming from the comment section but Namibians are not happy.

King Teedee posted the same song in February 2019. On his YouTube page, it was just an audio and he mentions Diamond as a featured artiste in the song.

Of course this topic becomes a discussion on social media and on the comment section under both the songs.
Diamond has finally come out to speak on the rumors. During his interview on Wasafi TV where he revealed a lot of tea, he said he is mad that King Teedee went behind his back to release the song without his knowledge.

when I went to perform in Namibia, it was during his show (King Teedee) and he requested we do a collabo. Of course, the beat was mine and so I started writing. so everything you’ve heard from my end is written by me. at that time he was there with his producer and when he heard the beat by Laizer, he loved it. he went ahead and added his verse and released the audio which really upset me. that is when I felt like going on and writing another version of the song, something that is not prohibited. its a song i love a lot so even King Teedee knows I have done another version.

Now we wait to hear King Teedee’s version because he has not spoken. His followers and fans have been doing it on his behalf.

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