Do you think all is well with Uhuru’s withdrawal from public limelight?

I have heard people say that President Uhuru Kenyatta is silent, and this helped me remember one thing; the value of scarcity.

Well, the scarcity value is “going silent” both in speech and visibility that many world leaders, especially politicians, do to keep their repute.

See, Uhuru has been silent and everyone is asking about him; what better way of keeping relevant! Another thing we ought to know is that talkative politicians do less and exhibit signs of insecurity.
Uhuru is not one of them; he is the president until 2022 and his agenda of uniting Kenyans and fighting graft, together with Raila Odinga, is surely taking course.

He need not shout about it. He (Uhuru) is the humble type of leader who we know doesn’t walk across the nation politicking and abusing people; he is just kind.

Should we blame him for that? Remember we are out of the campaign season and if every politician will be speaking at the expense of duty, we will turn Kenya into a talk shop.

Uhuru’s mode of operation at the moment is, in fact, advisable in a nation where everyone is politicking.

Let Kenyans not panic but give the President ample time to run Kenya, all is well.
Mr Mugali is Shinyalu MP ODM

I believe all is not well with President Uhuru Kenyatta going underground. And it is due to the high public expectations that he and Raila Odinga had elicited when last seen going to China for additional SGR loan.

Actually, were they to be successful, the thing would have complemented the handshake because the railway line would have moved from Naivasha to Kisumu.

That was so painful to the president and I feel that could be the reason he is still not coming out into the limelight.

You don’t want to think that the SGR was also to actualize the building of a port in Kisumu after the water hyacinth clean up.

The port’s fate now hangs in balance because without a railway line there can hardly be a port. How does the president explain this?

I understand the pain of President Uhuru and it is just human to be in such a fix. He nonetheless should come out and give Kenyans assurance on his other development projects now that Kenyans are out all over social media questioning his silence.

Yesterday’s address by state House appointees could not be enough to quench the thirst of Kenyans wanting to see their duly elected head of state address them.

The earlier he comes out to face the nation, the better for reducing the anxiety that he has created.
Mr Toboso is a political analyst and former Butere MP

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