Labour Day celebrations temporarily stopped as protesters storm Uhuru Park

Labour Day celebrations at Uhuru Park grounds in Nairobi were temporarily disrupted after a group of protesters including boda boda operators stormed the venue.

The group carrying a banner and donned in t-shirts labelled Sonko Defence Forces (SDF) made their way into Uhuru Park running, shouting and blowing whistles as presentations by entertainment groups were ongoing.

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko, going by his body language, appeared infuriated by the stir caused by the group.

It’s, however, not clear whether the Governor had any association with the group.

The situation was, however, contained after security officers swung into action and drove the group away.

The master of ceremony was heard telling the protesters to leave and wait to be addressed by the Governor after the event.

“Watu wa piki piki msipitie hapa tafadhali tafadhali… Security please… Governor yuko hapa atawahutubia baadae. And we will not allow such a thing in future,” said the MC, as the group was led away.

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