Meet Kenya's most listened to youngest radio presenter, Caleb Koyo

“Presenters Vice President Worldwide.Arguably the best on radio and broadcast TV ”

Caleb Koyo is a TV/Radio host currently working with Hero Radio Nakuru. Started his radio journey with 101.7FM Egerton Radio,after that he moved to Hero Radio Nakuru,hosted the drive show before moving to an afternoon show (Fiesta Afrika) ,Monday-Friday 12-3pm.

He is founder of the International Local Show currently on its second episode on CoELIB TV online. He also hosts and produces the show dubbed 254 Live currently on its second episode up on Calebkoyo TV (Youtube) .

He has also created and hosted broadcast Concepts like News On Friday and much more editorial concepts

Running a Youtube Channel Calebkoyo TV that has over 3k subscribers and 450k views ,mainly focusing on entertainment and sports, Caleb is also a store owner with a cloth line (Calebkoyo)

He brings you interviews from his Fiesta Afrika show and all other exclusives that concerns you with his main focus being the Youths.You get everything they can use right here.

International Local

This show focuses on Three videos from the local scene and three from the international scene.The main aim is to get to understand why Local artits cant get the much needed international airplay yet the international artists enjoy huge rotation here at home.

The show also looks at three young artists who are coming up well,it goes behind the scenes to look at the making of videos ,look at best verses locally and internationally. It gives ebeybody what they want to hear and see.Both lovers of Local content and internationally.

Fiesta Afrika

Fiesta Afrika goes on air from 12pm-3pm,Monday to Friday on the 99.0FM frequency,Hero radio. It is the biggest entertainment/exclusives radio show in Kenya and arguably across the continent .

Inspired by the desire to do more for the home based stars, Caleb Koyo offers the more interview hours to musicians than any other presenter in Africa right now, they talk about their life,music and culture.

The show also provides rare chance for artists to premier their yet to be released songs ,therefore getting to play the songs months or years before the artists premier them to the globe. It also organizes listening sessions for artists,they invite their friends and families to studio any day they are bringing a new song.

Out of his Good job on Fiesta Afrika, Caleb Koyo was nominated for presenter of the year award in 2018-KTCA Awards.

And He Got The Numbers


Total number of minutes

Over 526,124

Persons In Nakuru listen to urban radios


Smart phone penetration

Over 485,244

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