Men hit on me not knowing I am a cop - hot Afande

Policewoman Praxides Jumba, popularly known as Afande Cele, is a common figure in the Kenya Premier League. Not as a player, but an avid fan.

The 30-year-old says she has been an ardent supporter of Bandari FC since her school days.

“I fell in love with football long before I joined the police service. As a young girl growing up, I would go round kicking the ball with boys in my village,” says Afande Cele who once participated in primary school ball games.

“I was actually a no-nonsense midfielder at Magale Primary School in Shinyalu and St Philip’s Girls’ Secondary School - Mukomari,” she says with a beautiful smile.

Why Afande Cele?

“The name is actually derived from ‘celeb,’ though believe the name was coined from ‘Celestine.’ But that’s not the case,” says Cele who joined the police service 13 years ago.

She juggled between football and work in her first years of serving in the National Police Service, but things didn’t work out due to the demanding nature of the job. So, she quit playing and decided to enjoy the game as a fan, supporting Coast-based Bandari FC.

“I attend training sessions and matches. That’s how much I love this team,” says Cele who has become the face of Bandari FC fans.

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