Miguna Miguna’s heartfelt Mother’s Day message to his African beauty

Behind every successful man is a woman and behind lawyer Miguna Miguna is his beautiful wife Jane Miguna who few forgot existed until Sunday, Mother’s Day celebration.

The NRM General took to Twitter to post a rare picture of his wife, Jane, with a heartfelt message, leaving netizens in awe.

“To my lovely wife, the mother of my children. Happy Birthday and enjoy Mother's Day. The struggle is well watered and fertilized by organic African beauty! Aluta Continua! Viva,” Miguna wrote.

Aside from the loving message, Jane’s picture was what flowered the post with several Twitter users commending Miguna for his good taste in which he responded,

“That's why I'm a decorated general. Viva! #MothersRiseUp #HappyMothersDay.”

Jane Miguna is not the only woman in author Miguna Miguna’s life.

Miguna started a relationship with Tracey Wynter in 1995, months after he had been admitted to the bar. The marriage produced Atieno Juma on July 14 1995, at The Wesley Hospital, when Miguna and Wynter were living in a one bedroom apartment at Chatham Avenue in Toronto.

He had just been admitted to the bar, and couldn't afford a bigger house Miguna says Atieno took time to come. He waited for more than nine hours before the doctor suggested an epidural. He had wanted to name her Akinyi, but his wife couldn't easily pronounce the name, so they settled on Atieno.

His second born, a son, was born at the same hospital on December 4, 1996, barely three months after Miguna had bought his first house in an exclusive Bradford neighbourhood in Canada. He didn't give his mother complications at birth.

In January 1998, Miguna's relationship with Wynter ended and April the same year, he visited Kenya to purchase a posho mill for one of his sisters, as well as buy land in Awendo/Migori area. He met his childhood friend, Anthony Ochieng who introduced him to Jane, who would end up becoming Miguna's second wife.

When Miguna again visited Kenya, he looked for Jane. He visited her home and met her family and began a courtship that culminated into a traditional customary marriage performed on 6 August 2000. On 29 October the same year, Jane landed at Pearson International Airport and joined Miguna as a permanent resident.

Their first born, fraternal twins were born on 1 September 2001, just ten days before 9/11 while another daughter was born on April 11, 2003.

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