Nick Cannon Denies Reports That He Dropped Out of Dr. Sebi Documentary

Nick Cannon took to Instagram to deny reports that he dropped out of the Dr. Sebi movie due to death threats and fearing that he would be killed like Nipsey Hussle. Cannon wrote, "Oh 'They' wish this was the truth!! Who made this dumb sh*t?! LOL #Fearless."

Before Nipsey's death, he spoke about working on a documentary about Dr. Sebi, who claimed to have cured AIDS and cancer. Nipsey explained, "I'm working on doing a documentary on the trial in 1985 when Dr. Sebi went to trial against New York because he put in the newspaper that he cured AIDS. He beat the case and he went to federal court the next day and beat that case, on record, and nobody talks about it."

Nick decided to finish Nipsey's work, writing on Instagram, "Where you left off, we gonna carry one. It’s a MARATHON, so I’m picking up the baton! Because they can’t kill us all! Spiritual Warfare is REAL and in full effect. And now your Spirit is protecting your community eternally! Your words, your steps, your walk always was and always will be SOLID! Now, Your message is my message! Your work is my work!" 

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