Rapper Mejja’s daughter hospitalized

Kansoul group member Mejja’s daughter has been admitted in hospital with pneumonia.

Mejja, real name Mejja Meme Hadhija announced the news on his Instagram with a moving caption describing his daughter as a fighter.

“She Is a fighter. From Friday amekuwa hosi na pneumonia. She is a soldier and my inspiration,” he said.

Many of his fans and fellow artists flooded his comment section to wish the little princess a quick recovery.

Thecremedelacreme Bro She in our prayers. She’s healed in Jesus name

Kapchanga_abel Mazee iza okwonko,she will be fine God will heal her

Elishifawangeshi Quick recovery baby girl

Ngolo_b Pole mgenge... She is already healed

Joeykinyua Sorry about that dear. She will be well in Jesus name. Quick recovery princess.

Eric_radioproducer Quick recovery to your little Angel

Some of Okwonko’s fans were however worried that his daughter was having ice cream with her condition.

Macphee_m Buda boss. Pneumonia na ice cream is not a good combination tafadhali. Quick recovery to her and try avoiding cold things for a while

Marthatiziah Na ice cream?

Gathirwaanthony Pole sana kaka... Quick heal Totoo kindly let her avoid ice-creams for now....

Kinjoh_mbuguah Quick recovery baby lakini pneumonia na ice-cream issa no.

Ideltubulu @mejjagenge izah manzee lakini pneumonia na ice cream

Mejja responded by saying, “Ni ice cream warm imesha melt na amepewa hosi.

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