VIDEO: Chipukeezy gets Alvindo ‘arrested’ on live TV

Popular Takataka hit-maker Alvindo on Sunday, April 28, was at the centre of controversy after comedian Chipukeezy called ‘cops’ on him during an interview.

On his much-famed Chipukeezy Show that airs on a local TV station at 8 pm, two men appeared from behind the stage, approached the singer and demanded that he follows them to the police station.

Alvindo, evidently terrified reaches for his phone and calls his manager KRG the Don. Unfortunately, the two men insist he drops the call and follows them.

He defiantly pleads his case, asking the two men for an official arrest letter.

“Where is the arrest letter before I follow you? I know my team and I have already communicated to the police,” Alvindo said.

Chipukeezy intervenes, suggesting that the two ‘policemen’ sit down and talk since Alvindo had done nothing wrong.

After a while, the ‘policemen’ get fed up with discussions and insist Alvindo leaves with them, consequently prompting Chipukeezy to ask them to vacate the set.

For the second time, Alvindo tries to reach his manager, but seemingly, the call goes unanswered.

As the tension on set escalated, Chipukeezy hilariously reveals to Alvindo that the two men were not real police officers, leaving the hit maker embarrassed – holding his head in disbelief.

The two men then got back on stage and shook the artist's hand as the audience marveled at the scene.

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Kenyans on social media, however, were not impressed by Chipukeezy’s prank on the upcoming artist, some feeling it more or less degraded him, others even suggesting Kenya Films Classification Board boss Ezekiel Mutua drop the ban on Alvindo.

Praxides Namenya Arresting this young man is very unfair. Billions have been looted in this country, and no one has been arrested?

Mwai Kadu Hatukatai madame wameuliwa but Huyu Chali wasimsumbue, it's not serious as it’s taken.

Rose Irungo If this man will be arrested it's too bad coz he have already explained why he Wrote Takataka song and I think that was his feelings. Though the song sounds somehow disrespectful but he obeyed the law?

Jane Dorothy I didn't find this prank funny. Unataka Alvindo ashikwe na heart attack???

Emma Muthoni Usijali Alvindo. They are making you much famous my grandma now knows you. Keep going?.

Miss Gibson This guy expressed his depression in a disrespectful manner but I think he was not on music but just delivering the message. But since he got into the industry he needs to be mentored not to be arrested. My thought.?

Regina Kerubo Woiye akiii gaiiii mnataka kijana wa wenyewe afaint akufe gai?.

Abdullahi Nur Go and learn journalistic ethics. How can you do your panelist like that? Second mistake, the interviewee is looking up and appears as an intimidating interview.

Peter Beatrice Waaah mpka macho ni red wooi that's not a good joke. He's still young to go through all this

Andrew Mosiere If you've never known meaning ya tumbo joto now you know?

Annie mwamba Woooi thts embarrassing,, ingekua mm ningefaint wanipeleke hosi na wanilipe,,,woooi kijana mmemshtua kweli?

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