Wetangula says gold scandal probe ‘non issue’ to him

Ford Kenya Leader Moses Wetangula has described the gold scandal probe against him as inconsequential stating that he has not been summoned to record any statements.

Speaking to the press following a party meeting, Wetangula remained tight lipped over his involvement in the matter.

He instead described the probe against him as a “non-issue” saying that he is going about his duties as a legislator normally.

“I am here because I am here. I am here for my party meeting. I am not aware of what you are talking about and it is a non-issue to me and I don’t want to engage in it,” he stated.

“From here I am going to condole with the family of Oduya Oprong. I’ll be in a committee meeting at the Senate and I’ll be in the plenary in the afternoon debating issues of the country as they come on the floor.”

Speaking at a different forum, Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Noordin Haji however stated that Wetangula was due to record a statement on Wednesday.

“I think the issue of the fake gold is clear. Honorable Wetangula who has been summoned has been out of the country and now that he is back he has a date today with the DCI,” he stated.

According to reports, Wetangula was expected to shed light on the scam that has rocked Nairobi and beyond.

The senator has maintained silence over the rip-off that has seen international investors lose billions of shillings to local and foreign con men running riot in the Kenyan capital.

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