Will you vote? Huddah Monroe speaks on presidential bid

Huddah Monroe has asked for Kenyans to vote for her when the time is right.

The budding mogul disclosed that this generation will change the world as we are not greedy and we can eradicate prejudice due to our ‘wokeness’

“If I was the president of Kenya everyone caught in corruption will not see the door of their office the next day. I would seize all their properties but I am nice so I would leave 1 house for them. Y’all must vote for me when the time is right. We are the change we wish to see in the world,” Huddah posted.

“This is a generation of change. This is a generation that knows there is enough in the world for everyone to eat. We are not greedy. We just want a piece of the pie. A generation that can eradicate racism, tribalism etc. This generation given a chance, instead of caring about government jobs they wanna be entrepreneurs, start up businesses and save their families if given a conducive business environment. Instead of oppressing them, help them.

This generation is not greedy, hungry and self-centred. This generation is woke, educated, full of awareness and zeal for life. This generation given a chance will change the world. We just wanna leave the world a better place,” she added.

Her new statement comes about a week after she revealed that Kenya is the worst place to do business and investors would rather use their money to wipe their a**es instead of investing in the country. Miss Huddah owns Huddah Cosmetics a company she has been growing since 2016.

 “The worst place to do business in is Kenya. Tell an investor to invest in that shit hole they think you are mad. They’d rather go invest in Nigeria or use their money to wipe their ass instead of coming to Kenya smh! You can only understand my frustration if you are a businessman/woman,” wrote an angry Huddah.

Miss Monroe came to the conclusion that Kenya is the worst place during her visit to the USA where she got to see a different way of life.

 “When you are outside Kenya looking in you just realize, you used to live in a jungle. A country full of animals. It’s an animal kingdom. Very few humans in that place. Only God will save Africa if we can’t change the way we think. We are doomed for life. Instead of helping each other grow we’d rather tear the next person down so they can be on our level. But not me! My eyes are open. I saw the light,” she claimed.

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