Bahati buys expectant wife another mansion?

Is gospel celebrity couple Bahati and Diana Marua getting themselves a brand new mansion?

The new house purchase comes a few days after Diana suggested to the star that he buys her a house as a gift.

On the recent episode of their reality show, Being Bahati aired on Bahati’s YouTube channel, Diana is seen giving Bahati the brochure of the posh DAYKIO estate begging him to buy it for her.

The two then visited DAYKIO offices and were escorted to the site by staff to check out the houses.

A number of fans on the comment section of the video did not, however, think much of this and dismissed it as a PR stunt.

However, Marua yesterday took to her social media to thank her hubby for agreeing to purchase the ‘dream home’.

 “I Saw this place and fell in love with it instantly. I took my hubby Bahati to see it so we can proclaim blessings over it and trust and believe that God will one day make this happen for us.

"It was just a dream a few months ago, and today, he has done it. Thank you babe. Bahati, I have no words... I didn't know you'd go ahead and start the process. Thank you, thank you, thank you! My dream Home. God, I have always seen you but today, I've seen you on another level.

"Your word and my praises will never depart from my mouth. I can't stop crying.

"Babe.... May God increase you and bless you for giving us the best,” she wrote.

If the couple manages to purchase and move into their mansion, they will have joined their gospel counterpart couple DJ Mo and wife Size 8 who recently moved into their multi-million home in Lavington.

Revealing the new development, Dj Mo joyously posted photos of their sleek cars juxtaposed to the palatial house a few months ago.

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