Esther Passari’s Trolled For Lying About Her Revealing Dress

The Nairobi COUNTY Women Rep  Esther Passaris has been involved in a number of controversies, one being the dress she wore back in 2017 during the Launch of Miss World event which was held at Villa Rosa Kempinski.

From 2017, the photo made her a trending figure on social media as it was too much revealing.

KOT Trolled madam Passaris her for her provocative dressing  and a wrong sitting position in public, parading her brown thighs for everyone to see.

Well, cameramen never go wrong when it comes to capturing such moments and so, they captured her thighs clearly and made them available to the public. Early in 2019, Esther went to social media and defended herself claiming that the photos were a product of photoshop.

See what she said

A week ago, the picture went viral after Esther was allegedly accused of trying to lure the Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko into sleeping with her in exchange of money.

During the online trolls, one of Passari’s followers asked her to explain about the controversial photo. Well, remember She had said that they were photoshopped. A liar will always be a lair. Passaris forgot her previous argument and gave a different story.

here is what she said;
Immediately she responded, her response drove KOT crazy. Netizens flooded the comments sections with weird reactions

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