Ezekiel Mutua had this to say on Pastor Ng’ang’a's video that has gone viral

Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Ezekiel Mutua has delved into controversial Pastor James Nganga in which the ‘man of God’ threatened his bishops, calling them stupid and useless.

Mutua pointed out that the clip that went viral was a moment of temporary insanity that should be ignored.

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 “There are genuine men of God in Kenya who walk in integrity and preach the truth… We must celebrate them and refuse the narrative that Pastor Ng'ang'a's expletives define our church leaders.” Mutua said.

“The clip is unfortunate. It's an isolated moment of temporary insanity and should be treated as such!” He added.

In the clip, a visibly angry Nganga threatened to kick out all bishops in his Neno evangelism ministry, asserting that he is Neno and Neno is him.

He bashed the bishops for disrespecting his wife revealing that they joined the church as paupers who could barely make a living and prospered afterwards.

According to the controversial ‘man of God’, the bishops who joined his church in rags soon got cars and with the prosperity came disrespect as they forgot where they had come from.

Below is the video of Ng'ang'a' making the threats.

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