Mercy Masika Releases New Tune 'I Love Your Story'

On her week of appointment as UNHCR Goodwill ambassador ,Mercy Masika is still on the spotlight as her new song ‘I love your story’ is out . This brings joy to her fans as fingers were crossed of the fear of her music career coming to an end upon her ambassadorial appointment .

The gospel artist is a brilliant strong woman and has the will power to juggle both occupations with considerable attention. Although a similar terror struck fans early this year as Mercy Masika wanted to quit music. Luckily her husband cum-manager came to the rescue and convinced her otherwise about surrendering.

 The new ‘I love you story’ is a song praising God and is delivered with Mercy’s angelic voice alongside a band backing up her vocals. The visuals for the song is directed by Steve Hunter who has done a stunning job as the video is clear and full HD. The video is shot at what seems to be a house/studio and the scenes don’t switch as the camera just switches different angles focusing on Mercy and her band .

Mercy’s vocals are a beauty to behold as she confesses her love for her God and ‘Bravo!’ to her band for their exemplary support to bring the song to life and it’s marvelous appeal to the ear. Hoping to see more from the inspiration that is Mercy Masika. 

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