New twist in Eko Dydda’s marriage to Cynthia

A fortnight ago Eko Dydda’s wife Cynthia Ayugi took to Instagram to expose her husband’s alleged cheating ways.In the posts she said Eko doesn’t have to live a lie anymore and that he can finally introduce his girlfriend to the world.

She said the alleged girlfriend was a close friend to the family, adding that the girl was rude to her. It was widely reported that she had walked out of their marriage.“Breaking someone’s marriage is not Godly, I invited you as a friend, today unasema ambia Eko Dydda not to bring me home because love yenu haita grow,” Cynthia wrote.

“It’s not a battle, @ekodydda you don’t have to hide it any more your ‘DOPE’ is free to love you. Sometimes it’s healthy to walk away,” she added, a post that suggested that their marriage had hit the rocks and that they were no longer living together.

“Na leo ndio ile siku, I will not hide it for fame, money, I will stand with the truth and will never ever lie to people,” she wrote.

According to Cynthia, their marriage was experiencing difficulties, with infidelity at the centre of it, and she needed direction from a friend.

“I did not know they were already in a relationship. I learnt later after he started sleeping out and they both would not receive my calls,” Cynthia.“After nine years, I have finally left the marriage and I live in a separate place. Also, I want Eko to know that he is free to move on with the ‘DOPE’ woman in his life. I also want the world to know that not every friend is to be trusted,” she announced.

Eko Dydda while responding to the claims remained cagey only saying: “She knows why she (his wife) put up the post and later took it down. That’s all I can say”.

And Cynthia did not stop at that even after she pulled down the post. Speaking to a popular blog, she went on to confirm the break-up challenging Eko Dydda to stop lying to the world that they were still together.

“He is painting a picture of a loving man yet we are not together. The woman in this picture is called Elsy, Juliani’s ex-lover. I have tried my best for the sake of my kids but I realised Eko is balancing between us,” she told a local blog.

This came as a development to widely circulated reports in March that she had walked away.

Eko Dydda quickly posted a photo of the family to dispel rumours that they had broken up.At the Groove nomination night held at the Kenya National Theatre, which was held before the story broke out, Eko got to the ceremony with their two sons Keep It Real and I Am Blessed but his wife Cynthia was a no show.

Over the weekend as gospel industry stakeholders met at the Movenpick Hotel for the Groove Awards gala night Eko was alone. His kids, who were nominees were not around, neither was his wife.Eko himself was a nominee in the hip-hop song of the year category that was won by Kriss Ehh Baba.

Could the said break-up be the reason why he was bypassed for the award, in which he was the favourite?

In recent years Groove awards organizers have been keen to come down on artistes who are seen as not upholding good morals. This led to the ouster of Bahati and Willy Paul before they made a comeback last year.

The said rumours did seem to have taken a toll on him; he, however, maintained his energy chanting his now famous phrase ‘Shambamba’ to friends and fans who came to have a word with him.

“Everywhere I go it’s like a tortoise and his shell, I always have my family with me,”Eko Dydda said.
Asked if he has spoken with the wife since the break-up rumour broke out, he said: “Even today before I came here we spoke.”

He added: “She knows why she put up the post and later took it down,” he added. Eko said he chooses not to comment on such reports, terming them as negativity.

He said he is a positive person all through. “There are things about us that we can’t change, she is my wife and the mother of my children and I love her and respect her and there is no way I would do something like that,” he said.

“I have been in this industry for many years and women have been here and I have never been involved with anyone. Why should I ask now?” said Eko Dydda.

The lady rumoured to have come between the rapper and his wife Cynthia is Linda C, popularly known as LC. For those who may not be familiar with LC, she is a rapper and once dated fellow rapper Juliani. She was featured in Hela off his Mtaa Mentality album and he is said to have left her for Brenda Wairimu.

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