Photos: Socialite Martha Kay’s nudes that leaked online, says is a work of photoshop

Social media is awash with comments about commedianne Martha Kay’s nude photos. Everyone is talking, everyone is sharing despite the fact that it is illegal.

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But just how did Martha Kay’s nude photos where she is seen exposing her nude body on a bathtab before a camera make their way to the internet?

Although nothing is confirmed yet, we have been told that there is a big man around town who pretends to have dime. He then seduces nice looking young girls and takes them to expensive hotels. The poor girls gain trust in him. He then does all sorts of sexual things to them and even takes their photos and videos. The guy has like a depot of nudes we are told. It seems he decided to start releasing one at a time.

Another source says that Martha lost her phone, we called it and it was off, then some goon called her to pay for it, she refused and her nudes found their way on the internet.

Martha is mentored by top comedian and East Africa got talent host Anne Kansiime as well BET winning artiste, Eddy Kenzo.

We will keep digging for details until we let you know what is really going on and who would do all possible to hurt the church going sweet commedianne that everyone loves.

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