Security officers send away Ringtone as he takes ‘wife hunting crusade’ to JCC

Controversial Kenyan singer Ringtone, real name Alex Apoko, is at it again.

Jubilee Christian Church (JCC), Nairobi, was on Sunday, June 23, host to his ‘wife hunting crusade' after he 'waylaid' churchgoers as they exited the mega church.

According to Ringtone, as he was hawking his heart out while holding his infamous placard aloft, he was stopped by security.

A move he protested via Instagram where he pleaded with the church's Bishop, Allan Kiuna.

“Dear Bishop Kiuna I write to you with a lot of pain man of God. Today I came to your church and was blessed with your message. After the service, I went outside and lifted my placard in search of a wife and what followed from your security was very bad. Just to let you know. Thank you man of God. Your spiritual son Ringtone,” wrote the singer.

This is reminiscent of his Monday, June 10, move where he pleaded for prayers from his fans claiming that he was in police custody in Karen for 'prostituting and causing confusion at Cooperative University.'

“Prayers please. Is it crime to look for wife? Why are police arrested me while am leave cooperative university Karen. They must release me. Eti am prostituting and causing confusion,” wrote Ringtone while mutilating the English language in the process.

 A matter that did not rest well with some of his fans who ridiculed the singer over what they termed as 'gimmicks for fame.'

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