“To anyone who has ever wronged me. Time to ask me for forgiveness,” Zari sends chilling message

Have you at one time been on the crosshairs of Ugandan born entrepreneur Zari Hassan?

Better yet, did you wrong her and failed to make amends? Then you need to apologise, and quickly.

This is according to a recent Insta-story post by the South Africa based socialite who chillingly shared that Karma was visiting those who have wronged her in the past.

According to Zari, the time to ask for forgiveness is now.

“To anyone who has ever wronged me, karma has visited you already or it’s on the way or working out in gym. Time to ask me for forgiveness,” wrote Zari.

So who is the message it aimed at?

An estranged business partner, ex-lover, friend, family or fan? Be the judge.

Meanwhile, Zari’s ex-lover, Diamond Platnumz, is balling with his new flame lover Tanasha Donna in Mbezi, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

The 'Jibebe' singer owns a multi-million mansion at Mbezi beach.

The NRG Radio presenter landed in Tanzania on Saturday on her regular visits to the East African nation to be with her Wasafi mogul boyfriend.

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