Vera Sidika admits to losing virginity at 20, masturbation and being a pornstar

Arguably the biggest nightmare of a public figure is the unwarranted attention from paparazzi, and unsolicited interviews. But in this digital era, instagram slayers don’t mind being the talk of the town because, well, it is good for business; so when interviews delay to come their way, they make their own – after all they choose which questions to answer out of the many.

SEE ALSOWhy size doesn’t matter in bed - Vera Sidika

In a recent Instagram live feed, bootylicious Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika revealed info that left her stalkers in awe.

A naturally dark-complexioned lady, Vera is open about the fact that she bleaches her skin to look lighter – which is actually very okay – even though many who do it are not open enough to admit or reveal when asked. But the biggest revelations of the day were about her sexuality.

Asked about when she lost her virginity, the voluptuous-bodied ‘bossette’ divulged, “I first had sex when I was 20; actually I was a little late. I even started drinking at 23.”

Miss Sidika wasn’t about to ignore any personal questions, as she she responded to fans who asked if she masturbates with sex toys, and if she has ever thought of joining the porn industry(perhaps owing to the rumors that she gets the expensive cars and money from acting in porn films), “depends on the mood(on whether she uses sex toys or fingers), and I am a pornstar only when I’m with my man.”

Quite poetic, right? But if you recall pretty well, Vera accused her ex-boyfriend, singer Otile Brown of having a small D, right after their nasty break up; so all this shouldn’t come off as much of a shocker. Should it?

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