Video: More Drama as Willy Paul calls out Rayvanny for "stealing" his song

Drama is about to erupt in the Music Industry after singer Willy Paul called out WCB signee Rayvanny with allegations of stealing his song.

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A video has emerged online of Willy Paul, castigating the Tetema hit-maker saying it so sad to see Rayvanny stealing his song, just because their collaboration did not work out.

The song in question is dubbed “Chuchuma” and according to the Saldido President, he recorded that song sometime back and reached out to Rayvanny for a collaboration but things did not work out.

“I would like to bring this to everybody’s attention that there is some artiste somewhere anajaribu kuniibia,anajaribu kumuibia mkenya na all along wakenya wameusupport sana muziki wao. Nimepata support kutoka kwa country yao pia but it’s so sad kuona mtu anajaribu kuniibia just because callabo haikuwaork out, mtu ananiibia idea yangu it’s so painful. You cannot do that to a brother. You cannot steal and get away with it. And my friend listen. Nobody steals from Pozee” said Willy Paul.

Willy’s allegations comes hours Rayvanny uploaded another version of the song “Chuchuma” on Instagram alerting his fans to get ready for a new hit.

Listening to the two songs you will notice a striking resemblance in the manner in which the beats have been arranged and even the rhythm.

The striking similarity between the two songs has raised eyebrows among their fans, eliciting a discussion on whether Rayvany stole from Willy Paul or he just borrowed an idea that was already in existence.

This is not the first time the two artistes are being rocked with accusations of stealing songs from other people.

In September last year, Willy Paul was accused of stealing the hook of his “Bora Uhai” song featuring rapper Khaligraph Jones.

Fans were quick to note that the song has the same hook and title as that of rappers, Gorrilla x Saddat’s song which was released in mid- July 2018.
On the other hand, Rayvanny was also on the spot after it emerged that they had copied a scene from an American song called See You again by Tyler the creator while shooting the video for his song Tetema.

Rayvanny's Chuchuma

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