Walshy Fire About To Bring The Hit to Nairobi, Kenya

It seems the American electronic dance music trio, Major Lazer can’t get enough of Nairobi. The Major lazor squad is known to always deliver a spectacular and energetic performance each time the group or one of its members have graced the stage in Nairobi.

Kenya Nights is back with a Major vibe, In this cold month Walshy Fire, Jamaican producer and part of the famous musical trio that is Major Lazer is in the country and is bringing the heat to Nairobi with his new album tour ‘Abeng Africa Tour'. Unfortunately he left Diplo and Ape Drums at home (Other members of the trio) .

Walshy is currently in the country but will be leaving for Ethiopia where his African album tour debuts on June 27th after which he will land in Nigeria. After burning down Lagos he will be back in Nairobi for the concert and conclude the tour in Rwanda. It’s gonna be a long weekend for Walshy . I hope Nairobi is ready for the new style of Afro pop Walshy has adopted for the album.

Its going to be a wild one at the alchemist bar on June 29th where the concert will be held. The event will be from 9pm till 5am. The tickets are available at mookh.com.

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