Why Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have £500 million divorce headache

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie may have finished their custody battle but what to do with their fortune is causing different problems.

The pair are estimated to be worth around Sh64 billion (£500 million) and how this is carved up is giving those involved in the divorce a real headache.

Legal experts have predicted that it could take years to unpick Brad and Angelina's financial affairs and come up with an agreement that both parties would sign up to.

In the Sh64 billion (£500 million) fortune, there are properties, vintage motorbikes, jewelry, art collection and couture clothing.

One huge sticking point is their sprawling French base, Château Miraval in Provence.

Brad and Ange bought the 1,000-acre wine estate for Sh7.7 billion ($60 million) from American businessman Tom Bove and have turned it into an award-winning winery.

This has meant that the property has doubled in value and has become the centre of the divorce proceedings.

According to a source: "He’s anxious to sell, but she wants to keep it as a continuing revenue source."

The problem is that this is seen as the tip of the iceberg that is facing the lawyers involved in separating Brad and Angelina.

The source continued: "They can't agree on anything other than a few minor points and are completely at loggerheads over the major issues."

Both sides are not wanting to compromise and there doesn't seem to be any willingness for one of the couple to buy the other out, so that the process can be kick started.

This has meant the process has "become a financial minefield for lawyers and accountants on both sides that will take ages to figure out."

Jenna Spatz, a divorce lawyer in Beverly Hills told Latin Times: "When you are dealing with multiple properties or possessions, the whole scenario is magnifie.

"Division of assets and money is never easy and the wealthier a couple is, the harder it can get."

Estimates have placed Angelina's net worth at around

Jolie’s estimated net worth is around Sh29 billlion (£220million), while Brad is thought to have amassed a Sh43 billlion (£330million) fortune.

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