Confusion galore: Vera Sidika ‘changes colour’ as she unleashes lover

The saga surrounding Vera Sidika’s colour change is not about to end soon despite the socialite making spirited attempts over the weekend to prove that she has indeed ‘gone black’.

Photos by Vera on Instagram looking lighter with her supposed man, far from last weeks darker shade, has set social media on fire.

A question by media personality Willis Raburu as to whether the photo by the entrepreneur who doubles up as singer was a throwback, captured the sentiments shared by many of her followers.

“Is it a TBT or restore factory settings?” posed the 10 over 10 host.

The icing on the cake on the seriousness of Vera’s relationship with her new hunk was by Bonfire Adventures, ran by Simon Kabu and wife Sarah, which is known to jet away celebrity to eye-popping locations.

“Honeymoons are holidays couples travel after wedding. Sijui ipangwe wapi?In-laws watoe maoni!” read the post.

“Listen here, don't play with us like that you can't be camouflaging the way you want. Are we a joke to you?” Added Idriss.

The humour did not end there. Lamey Lameck was shooting from the hip.

“May God confuse your enemies the way Vera Sidika is confusing us,” stated Lameck.

This follows Vera's Friday 12 confirmation that she was in a relationship.

Rejecting producer Jegede’s advances live on air during The Trend’s show, Vera explained that she was taken.

“I appreciate you a lot but I have a boyfriend and here’s here you know,” she told the Gudi Gudi hitmaker.

On Monday, July 8, the vixen took Kenya by storm after ditching her millions worth lighter skin tone for a darker shade in a simple photo that she insulated with a riveting sentence.

“Never be defined by your past was just a lesson, not a life sentence. Feels good to be back!!! Black don’t crack,” declared the self-styled Queen Vee.

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