Meet Sebastian, the man claiming to be the biological father of George Saitoti’s son

Sebastian Maina Ngunju, the man claiming to be the biological father of Zachary Saitoti, Professor George Saitoti’s son, is back in court.

In the suit filed at Milimani Law courts against Saitoti’s widow Margaret Wanjiku Saitoti, Ngunju claims that he is the actual biological father of Stephen Wachira who is under the custody and care of Margaret Saitoti allegedly under a different name of Zachary Saitoti.

He wants the court to declare that he is the biological father of Stephen Wachira alias Zachary Musengi.

Also sought is an order that Wanjiku and younger Saitoti be subjected to a DNA test to prove biological paternity of the latter and the results be later forwarded to court as evidence.

In the alternative, he also wants an order of unrestricted right of access to one Wachira alias Zachary by Ngunju granted.

Ngunju also accused Mrs Saitoti of interfering with a similar case.

“This case is the only remaining legal avenue available to me to access my son after the previous legal and out of court process attempts to settle the matter was thwarted by Margaret’s interference calculated at denying him and his family access to justice,” he said.

He says that he has undergone untold suffering and agony adding that the ripple effect has also been experienced with other members.

According to the papers filed in court, the teacher claimed that on or about 21 September 1985, Elizabeth Njeri Maina gave birth to their third born son whom they named Stephen Wachira. The son was a sibling to four other siblings; two brothers and two sisters.

He says that they undertook their parental duty towards their son and were diligent in his upbringing until on or about 31 August, 1988 in the evening when Wachira got lost from their home in Subukia while aged three years.

He narrated that after the loss, together with his wife, they immediately embarked on a painful and gnawing process of searching for their son.

He claims that he learnt from the police and private investigations Wanjiku kidnapped and abducted Wachira who is currently under the care and custody of the defendant.

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