Photos: Police deployed as mourners flock Lee Funeral Home to mourn Ken Okoth

Family, friends and Kibra constituents flocked Nairobi Hospital and Lee Funeral Home after the news of the death of MP Ken Okoth.

Okoth died on Friday afternoon after a long battle with colon cancer.

The 41-year-old had sought treatment in Paris, France and stayed there for close to five months. He returned to Kenya a fortnight ago but was taken ill on Thursday and rushed to the Nairobi Hospital.

His health deteriorated and he was taken to the Intensive Care Unit and placed on life support.

He suffered massive organ failure and his family asked doctors to switch off the life support machine, a request that the MP had communicated to them before his death.

On Friday, mourners flocked the Lee Funeral Home even after the family requested for privacy and announced that there would be no public viewing of the body.

There was heavy police presence around the area as sounds of wailing and screaming mourners rented the air.

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