The three times Willy Paul has shocked Kenyans with his attention seeking antics

Attention seeking and clout chasing seem to be the only thing our celebrities are doing all day, every day.

Number two Kenyan celebrity (after singer Ringtone) in the attention-seeking list is no other than former Gospel artist Willy Paul who continues to shock Kenyans every day with his controversies.

As earlier reported by The Sauce, Pozze has faced public shaming with the release of the track ‘Lamba Nyonyo.’ Not only is the track lacking in any edifying content, but it also features Will Pozzee screaming on the track, making it a painful experience to listen to the sub-par release. With a title inspired by Ethic’s ‘Lamba Lolo,’ the track proved to disappoint right from the start.

Other tracks by Willy Paul that have received heavy criticism for include ‘Hallelujah’, ‘Kanungo’, ‘Bora Uhai’ and ‘Digiri’.

The award-winning artist has also resulted to posting controversial and alarming messages on his social media pages to get the attention Kenyans in an attempt to stay relevant.

The ‘Harambee’ crooner took to his Instagram account recently to pick a bone with his friend and world-renowned songstress Alaine. Willy Paul was not quite sure where he stood with the Caribean beauty and went ahead to apologize to her as well as ask her to unblock him on her social media pages. He also pointed out his highly publicised relationship with Nandy should not intimidate Alaine. The Jamaican songstress who got saved last year also weighed in on the matter telling Willy to focus on God, reported The Sauce.

However, all that turned out to be another antic to get a rise out of Kenyans as the two singers dropped their second collabo titled ‘Shado Mado’.

Bwana Mkunaji’s personal relationships have been a topic of discussion for a long time. From being accused of fathering a child out of wedlock years ago to admitting that he has a one-year-old child recently as reported by The Sauce and his alleged relationship with Tanzanian singer Nandy.

After unending rumours about his relationship with the sultry Bongo star with who he has collaborated with twice, Willy Paul re-ignited the long-standing claims by dancing with the ‘Aibu’ singer suggestively which left many wondering what exactly is going on between them.

In the video, the two, who graced the Choma Na Ngoma Festival as reported by The Sauce, were filmed dancing suggestively as their supporters cheered on. In some of the photos that went viral, Nandy’s face is facing Willy Paul’s crotch and in another photo, Nandy has her leg up Willy Paul’s waist.

The 25-year-old artist whose real name is Wilson Abubakar Radido has had fans confused over his music and purpose, volleying back and forth between gospel and secular music. However, he recently clarified his stance saying he is only an artist without any genre and if he decides to make gospel or secular music it’s up to him because God lives in him.

In the past, Willy Paul who rose to fame about six years ago has raised eyebrows by collaborating with secular artists such as Khaligraph Jones and Rayvanny as well as ‘stealing’ the video concept of his song with Sauti Sol titled ‘Take It Slow’ from Diamond Platnumz. Pozze has also been accused of likening his image and music style to that of top Bongo singer Diamond.

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