Akothee speaks out after scuffle with Parliament security over ‘short skirt’

Vocal Kenyan musician Akothee was on Wednesday involved in a short scuffle with security officers at Parliament buildings after she showed up at the National Assembly dressed in a manner deemed inappropriate.

Akothee, real name Esther Akoth, wanted to gain access to the dining area used by parliamentarians for a meeting with nominated MP David Sankok but the sergeant-at-arms declined since she was dressed in a mini-skirt.

The singer caused a scene insisting that she would not cover her luminous green skirt suit.

Female MPs Soipan Tuya and Racheal Nyamai were forced to intervene before Akothe agreed to cover herself.

Taking to Instagram after the afternoon scuffle, the controversial songstress revealed that she had gone to the National Assembly to invite MPs to the official launch of Akothee Foundation.

“Its my legs that are longer than the skirt, trust me its not me,” she joked.

“I have invited the Members of Parliament to come join me in the official launch of Akothee foundation on the 28th September. I can’t make a change in Turkana or the lives of people alone without them! I need everyone’s support.”

The musician-cum-businesswoman, known for her flamboyant lifestyle and wealth, further joked that next time she goes back to Parliament buildings she “will come in a trouser.”



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