Diamond´s ´side chic´ Viva Fabrica breathes fire after trolls of flaunting fake booty

Diamond´s alleged Kenyan side chic, Viva Fabrica dismisses butt implants´ rumors, citing it all to her ancestry.

The black beauty who resides in Germany has come out loud to dispel the allegations.

Well, just recently, Viva came out bashing celebrities busy flaunting fake butt implants, before tables turned on her, to be top of the list.

In a Q&A session with fans, she refuted claims that she has had cosmetic surgery on her b**ty because as much as she can recall, she is half Luo and half Arab, she is just blessed!

However, she admits to using Photoshop to get rid of her scars and smoothen her skin because it puts food on her table.

I am never against Photoshop and that is why I said some of us depend on it for our career.But sweetheart, videos don´t lie, that a** is real fam.I am luo.I use airbush to smoothen my legs.They got a lot of scars cause I have sensitive skin, a scratch is a whole wound to me.

 Before blasting critics who just can´t admit that she is blessed and none can compete with her.

Apart from that, keep looking for the bent fences and buildings.All I can say is thank God for photoshop coz some of us wouldn´t have a career out here without it.For those who do it right kudoz.For those who f*ck up big time, keep trying we see it.

Unfortunately, fans insist about her derriere implants, pushing her to admit.

That´s shape wear dear? Haha, you can´t fool us.

Before savagely striking back:

Believe what puts you to sleep at night dear.I won´t go bu*t naked like Kim K to prove a point for you.My page, my posts if it hurts you then buy the shape wear for yourself and post up.

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