Here is why Tob Cohen’s burial has been postponed

The burial of murdered Dutch tycoon Tob Cohen has been postponed at the eleventh hour.

Cohen was to be laid to rest at the Jewish cemetery in Nairobi from 2pm and a Nairobi court had even granted orders allowing his detained widow Sarah Wairimu to attend the burial.

Citizen Digital however understands that the late billionaire could only be laid to rest in the presence of 10 priests and a Rabbi in line with the Jewish religion.

Only eight priests were reportedly available by Monday afternoon.

Sources disclosed that Cohen was high up in the religious hierarchy, and it would take the recitation of 10 priests each with their own verse to bury him.

The burial has since been rescheduled to Tuesday, 2.30pm.

Lawyer Philip Murgor is expected back in court to seek a variation of the order allowing Cohen’s widow Sarah Wairimu to attend the burial.

Wairimu is remanded at the Lang’ata Women’s Prison as police complete investigations into her alleged involvement in the murder of her husband.

Gabrielle Van Straten, the sister of the murdered Dutch tycoon, will however not attend the burial despite having been at the forefront of the funeral arrangements.

In a quite unexpected turn of events, Gabrielle flew out of the country on Saturday just a day after her late brother’s will was opened.

Her lawyer Cliff Ombeta on Sunday told Citizen TV that Gabrielle and her husband had returned to their home in Netherlands due to personal reasons.

According to Ombeta, Gabrielle had already completed her stay in the country and had to resume her other engagements back home.

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