"If I Die Following My Dreams I'ii Die Happy And Fulfilled" - Oyinbabyo

Guys!! This is not fair at all we are better than this... we love you @oyinbabyo stay strong dear!

Hi everyone, I'd like to express my feelings to make you all understand what I've been going through for the past two days after my video was posted @tundeednut and @instablog9ja 🙏🏼 I've seen a lot of trolls on my page with hate speech, abusive language and the threat to my life because I'm a white girl doing #Afrobeats music.

 I need you to understand that I was actually born white I didn't choose my colour😏 I have a good heart and I'm following my dreams which is my entitlement as a human being. And if I die following my dreams I'll die happy and fulfilled as I've achieved my fate and my destiny. No amount of hate or threats will make me change my way of life nor the love and respect I have for African culture, Nigeria🇳🇬 and Afrobeats music. So I'll never stop and no one will stop me because I have a strong will and a good heart towards everyone regardless of their gender, religion or race. #saynotoracism

For those of you encouraging and supporting me thank you! I'm just embarking on a journey that have kept many people backward and isolated due to fear of acceptance. I keep learning everyday because no one is perfect and life itself is a learning experience. Oyin is here to stay and I believe I'll make you all proud. Thank you 🖤 @beehiventertainment


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