Ochungulo Family to pay school fee for girl behind ‘mbingijii imekulwa na ndogii’ voice

Ochungulo Family, one of the new music groups behind the Gengetone sound that has completely taken over the Kenyan airwaves, has added yet another feather in their cap.

The group recently released a song titled ‘mbinginjii imekulwa na ndogi’ following a viral audio clip from a girl in Meru whose accent and voice charmed Kenyans online.

The ‘Aluta’ hitmakers on Sunday came out to announce that they had found the little girl behind the now viral phrase.

The girl – named Happiness – and her mother and elder brother, who recorded the audio clip, reportedly traveled from Meru to Nairobi just to meet the trio.

Taking to Instagram, band members Benzema and Nelly the Goon stated that they hence decided to pay school fees for the girl for the next one year.

They also pledged to “support the family as much as we can”, adding that “educate a girl, and you impact an entire community.”


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